Terms & Conditions

We work hard to provide you with the safest, most reliable, and most effective medications on the market. Please make sure to read our terms and conditions carefully in order to make sure that you are aware of what you are agreeing to in making a purchase on this site.

By progressing with your purchase, you are agreeing to adhere to our terms and conditions detailed below.

Our General Terms and Conditions for Your Purchase.

We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service.

We reserve the right to refuse service and sales to any individual at any time. If we believe that a transaction transgresses our organization’s rules and regulations, we will take action to halt sales and refuse to supply services.

Do Not Use Our Products Irresponsibly.

We do not claim to be medical professionals or be in any position to give any of our customers medical advice. None of the information taken on this site should be taken as advice from a medical professional. We always recommend that customers consult their doctors before starting any new medication, read all the accompanying information, and watch out for any side effects.

It is Unacceptable to Use Our Products for Illegal Purposes.

We do not supply medications for illegal reselling, the purpose of drug misuse, or any other unauthorized and illegal purposes and will always refuse service if we believe this to be the case. We encourage safe, responsible, and legal use of our products, and do not support any illegal, immoral, or nefarious use of the medication we supply.

Do not Duplicate, Reproduce or Resell Any of Our Products.

Customers must not attempt to copy, reproduce, or resell products using our branding, medication, packaging, or name unless you have a legally compliant letter of authorization from our company. We will pursue illegal infringement of our service, brand, and company name.