Prescription Policy

We sell a variety of different medications on our websites. Some of which require prescriptions in order to purchase them and some of which can be sold online and over the counter without a doctor’s prescription.

No medication which legally requires a valid prescription from a licensed medical professional will be sold without our receiving proof of prescription. We will not accept your purchase unless you can supply a legally compliant medication prescription for your intended medication purchase.

In order to buy a medication on our site using your valid prescription from your doctor. You simply need to input your valid prescription number for your medication.

Our service will quickly be able to identify prescription numbers which are invalid or have already been used. If this is the case, you will be unable to progress with your intended purchase on the website.

If your prescription number shows us that you have a valid and legal medical prescription for your intended purchase, you will then be allowed to progress with your purchase on the website.

We always recommend that you should consult with your doctor before starting any new medication. This holds doubly true if you currently suffer from a long-term health condition, heart problems, or are pregnant. Even if you do not legally need a prescription for the medication you wish to buy, for your own health and peace of mind, consulting with a medical professional is always best practice.

When you receive your medication, always make sure to read all of the accompanying information and make sure that you are aware of which side effects you need to look out for when taking the medication. If you begin to suffer side effects from taking your new medication you should consult a medical professional for their expert advice.